Friday, October 4, 2013

Quality Time

Hey stranger! It most certainly has been awhile since I have last posted and I am so sorry for that! Unacceptable. I have been very busy for about the past month! Busy with military life, family life, and the love of my life: John Mayer. Over the past few weeks when I have found myself having a free moment, I have been spending time with my family up North and attending a John Mayer Concert. I have been waiting my entire life to see this man sing. Take a look at my past week!

 Here are a few photos of my grandparents beautiful home In Carefree, AZ

 My beautiful baby brother

 Just a few from the JM concert with my sister

I definitely enjoyed my (little) time off and especially with my family and JM. I hope everyone else has been having a lovely October. Which reminds me, HAPPY FALL!