Monday, June 16, 2014

Dancing Shoes and I Do's

Over the past couple of weekends, I got to watch my best friend of 16 years go from Ms. Coury to a Mrs. Furman and I will never be able to say thank you enough for involving me in such a big way on your special day. Cam and I have known eachother since the good ole Catholic School days of being 5 years old and wearing plaid jumper skirts all the way until now, 21 in our high heels and LBDs. The fun won't stop here. Although she is now a married lady and has to tend to her wifely duties, I know she will still take the time, as she always has, to be the most incredible best friend to me. 

Though her mother and father walked Cam down the aisle to meet the wonderful Joe, I felt like I should have been the one handing her off. If that were the case, I know I would have done so knowing that she is going to be in the absolute best hands and that no one would love her more than Joe (and I) could. I am so proud of the two newly weds and I know that they will share many happy years together. I love them both to death. 

Alright- I'll try to stop being so mushy! Below are some pictures from the last couple of weekends. Also, don't mind the penis accessories at the bachelorette party! They were a must hehe. Enjoy!

               (I caught the bouquet!)
       (Earrings from the bride- so cute!)