Monday, May 5, 2014

Going the Distance

Hello, Hello! 

Wow! Can you believe it's May already?! I am just blown away. The time is flying by and I feel both happy and sad about that. Happy because every day that passes means that I am closer to getting out of the military and sad because who doesn't want to stay young forever? 

Anywho, I must tell you about my recent trip to St. Louis. For those of you who don't know, I am in the military and stationed in Arizona (where I am actually from!) and my boyfriend, who is also in the military, is currently up in St. Louis. With a long and gruesome 10 months in between getting to see each other, we figured it was about time to spend some time together. I flew up to St. Louis and had a fantastic time!

Nathan took me all across the land. We visited the arch, went to the zoo, visited a botanical garden, went to the City Museum, and he showed me around where he grew up. I even had the chance to finally meet his friends and his mother. It was absolutely...incredible. The weather was beautiful the whole time and we went on countless dates as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and my birthday. We really needed this trip.

Long distance relationships are extremely difficult and at times it feels like it's not worth all of the heart-ache. We were spreading our relationship thin and almost all conversations turned into arguments. This trip gave us a chance to see where we were at and to try and mend things that took quite the beating in our relationship. While in St. Louis I discovered (or rediscovered) that Nathan is my best friend, partner in crime, and the love of my life. While I am only 21 and he 26, we have a mutual feeling of wanting to share the rest of our lives together and we are both so excited for the future.  

Nathan is planning to visit Arizona in July and I am counting down the days. Below are a few photos from the trip!