Monday, August 17, 2015

Answers for You!

Hi guys!

I know I said I would post this morning, but today was so weird! My phone randomly broke and then on top of that, the city hit a transformer and we didn't have any electricity all day. Not to mention my car broke. It was such a lovely day.


Connor and I are back from Prescott and our reception was a lot of fun! We both loved being with our families, but were very sad to have to leave after just one day. Over the weekend I opened up the floor for some Q&A and I got a few fun questions! So as promised, here are some of the questions I got:

- How are you adjusting Utah?
- I'm adjusting pretty well! Better than I thought I was going to. It's beautiful here and the weather    isn't bad either (until Winter). Provo has a small town feel to it which is nice and since we're only about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, we can always get our city feel when we need it! It's so hard for me to get used to absolutely EVERYTHING closing early and being closed on Sundays. It's also funny how rare tattoos are here. I do like it here for now, but I don't want to settle down here. I'll enjoy it for however long it lasts!

- Any music that you're really into recently?
- Yes! I am really into a few different people right now. I am loving Brandon Flower's new album, Tallest Man on Earth, Gregory Alan Isakov, Robyn, Alt-J, and I'm having some recent throwbacks with The Killers and My Chemical Romance (Don't laugh!) 

- What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?
- My favourite stores...that's tough considering I shop from many places! I would have to say I mostly shop at Free People, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Lululemon, and Urban Outfitters. There were some local shops in Tucson, AZ that I loved to go to- Buffalo Exchange and Swindlers- that I miss a lot. 

- What are you most excited for this Fall as far as style?
- I am so excited for Fall in general! I love layering shirts, sweaters, and jackets. I am mostly excited about a couple of new coats I got from Free People recently. I love big slouchy coats! I am also going to try and wear a little bit of lipstick. I love the super dark purple colors that are becoming popular and the classic deep reds, of course! As for shoes, I am so excited for boots (always!) I am really excited to buy some boots with the clog heel to make things a little more girly.

My new coats!

- What TV shows are you watching currently?
- Right now I am watching Game of Thrones, Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Wet Hot American Summer, Pretty Little Liars, and Orange is the New Black. A couple of my other favourite shows that I am waiting to come out on Hulu are New Girl and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

- How many tattoos do you have?
- I have 4!

There ya have it. Thanks for the questions, it was fun! Now, I would love to see your answers to the the above questions! Substitute the first question with: Where has been your favourite place to live?
Leave your answers in the comments below, or email me at! If you have any other questions, throw them in the email too!