Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beauty Bag

As some of you may know, I used to work at a little cosmetics shop in downtown Prescott, Az. I believe that working there really opened my eyes to beauty and makeup. I was introduced to many great make up brands and beauty products while I was there and haven't switched any of my favourite brands ever since!

As far as face washes and other facial necessities, Rhonda Allison has been my go to for years. I especially love her Pumpkin CleanserGreen Tea Cleanser, and the Glycolic Herbal Wash. Another product I swear by is her Growth Factor Serum. The Growth Factor Serum is used to expedite skin growth and renewal while also helping to maintain moisture. This line is a bit on the pricier side, but I believe it's worth every penny!

For hair, I need something that is going to brighten my blonde as well as moisturize the heck out of my hair! Since I bleach my hair, both of those are very important. I use KAVA's Sea Lights Shampoo for white gray, or blonde hair. and YES this is a very purple shampoo and it contains color brightener. I only use this once a week, if that, because it's so intense. For conditioner, I use KAVA's Sea Foam Reconstruction which has coconut milk in it! I highly recommend for damaged hair. Everytime I get out of the shower I use a leave-in conditioner by different brands to keep my hair feeling healthier.

You can't go wrong with Cocoa Butter!

Now for the "Beauty Bag" portion of this post.

I have taken some pictures of my absolute favourite makeup items to share!

 This first item here is something that I use as a primer for my makeup every single day. I tend to have more of a dry skin type so this helps with moisture and since I wear powder foundation, this helps it to lay on my face nicely.

My foundation! I have been wearing BareMinerals ever since I started wearing makeup. I love how natural it is and it feels great on my face. I am currently wearing Golden Fair.

Next up is my Illuminating Mineral Veil and Bare Radiance by BareMinerals. The Bare Radiance is an all over face color that helps me have at least a little bit of color. I wear it in place of any bronzer since I am so fair. The Illuminating Veil brightens my face and sets my makeup.

BLUSH. I know these colors look a little crazy, but I promise if you put them on lightly you'll be okay! The Smashbox blush is called Blush Rush Radiance and the BareMinerals is called The Natural High.

I don't usually wear this everyday, but I do love it! Sometimes I use this BareMinerals Luminizer in  The Love Affair/The Shining Moment in place of my Illuminating Veil to really have my face glow!

I know that Urban Decay's Naked eye shadow palette is loved my so many! I don't wear eyeshadow usually, but this is my go to for events or night time fun ;)

In one of my previous posts (Here) I mentioned I was obsessing over blinc. This mascara actually TUBES your lashes to make them look longer and is so easy to take off! My other favourite mascaras is They're Real! by Benefit. I tend to use this one for more of a heavy look.

Eyebrows. I am loving the bushier eyebrow look these days. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. Yes I have very Blonde hair but I will always love to have darker eyebrows than my hair. It's supposed to be that way! hehe

 Lipstick is one of those things that I really love the idea of and look of, but it's hard for me to commit. I feel so sloppy when I am wearing lipstick. However, I am trying to wear more of it this fall and so I figured I would share my three favourite from Smashbox. The colors they use are always so fresh and full of life. The top left is called Fuchsia Flash, The middle is Mocha, and the last color is my favourite. It was my wedding lipstick! It is called Paris Pink Matte.

I can't forget my love for deep red. This is Film Noir by Julie Hewitt.

 This is the newest to my lipsticks and I am so in love with it! This lipstick is Elderberry by Bite. This is a new line that has beautiful berry colored lipsticks for this fall. Awesome thing to know about this brand is that the lipsticks are made with natural food grade and organic ingredients! How cool?! Featured to the left of the lipstick is a lip liner by Urban Decay called Blackmail. I never have used lip liner before but I got these together so that I can make the purple darker by shading it on my lips before the lipstick, and so that I can have a crisper line around my lips so the lipstick doesn't look wonky.

This is another product that I don't use everyday, but it is a must if I am going out or going to a big event. This All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay is amazing for spraying over your finished makeup up to hold it up looking good and lasting long all night.

I love all different types of perfume, but this is my favourite. Especially with Fall coming up, I love the deeper more "musky" or "sandalwood-y" smells. Nirvana (Black) by Elizabeth and James.

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SO there it is. All of my Beauty Bag favourites. I'm sure you can tell my what my favourite few brands are now! I don't wear all of that everyday, so I took a picture (below) of what a typical days makeup is for me. Let me know if you try any of these products or have any reccomendations!

 Thanks for reading and taking a look into my Beauty Bag! I am not paid by any of the above brands, I am simply showing you my all-time favourites! Have a good day!