Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cooking for Two


It's Monday night and I am watching Connor play a new video game that just came out . He seems very into it which gives me a little time to pay attention to you guys!

Since I was in a college dorm, then the barracks, then another dorm in the Air Force, I haven't had too much of an opportunity to cook for myself. I always have just bitten the bullet and spent my whole paycheck at Whole Foods' hot bar. So pricey! Either that or just eat things that didn't require cooking. My diet got to be very boring.

Being married now, and in a home, I have the opportunity to finally cook my meals and save a little money eating at home. Oh, I guess I have to cook for Connor too. The first day he asked me "what's for dinner?" I panicked. I thought, "Katie- this is your chance to prove yourself. You've got this. Don't mess it up." I ended up picking something super easy, something that I had somewhat of an idea how to make, and that something was Spaghetti. Boil the noodles, add the sauce and meat, and there you have it! It ended up being very good (thank God) and I was pretty satisfied with my skills.

It hit me. I am going to have to cook almost every day. Not just for myself, but for my beloved husband. The conflict with this was A) I needed to learn how to cook meals and plan for them and B) I am the pickiest eater EVER. We still have little battles at the grocery store when it comes to so many things, but we always compromise with one another. Because that's how things have got to be now. Sometime's you've got to sacrifice skim milk for 2% for the one you love.

In my desperate search for meal ideas, I recalled some of my favourites that my mom has always made. I called her to get some recipes (still text her to make sure I'm always doing it right) and got on Pinterest and searched away. I found so many awesome recipes! Most of them were intense, so I decided to start with the easy basics. Here are some of my beginner meals to help you through the first couple of times in the kitchen of married life- or single!

Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers

Complete Recipe here

Banana Bread

Complete Recipe here

Spaghetti (Gluten-Free or Regular)

Complete Recipe here


Complete Recipe here
** My favourite Taco Seasoning is the Original Taco Seasoning by McCormick**

Chicken Pesto

Complete Recipe here

Baked Ziti

Complete Recipe here

Chicken Breast and Veggies 

Easy Chicken Breast Instructions here

** My favourite veggies are grilled or steamed carrots, asparagus, broccoli, and corn**

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (add Grilled Cheese!)

Complete Recipe here

Beef Stew

Complete Recipe here

** My favourite Beef Stew seasoning is also by McCormick  **

Irresistibly Easy Salad

Complete Recipe here

Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir-fry (love!)

Complete Recipe here

And here are some awesome, easy Crock Pot ideas!

Recipes here

That's just a few of the easiest recipes I've been using. Maybe you can give me more? I could use them! What are some of your favourite recipes?

Happy eating!