Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our First Place

Happy Thursday! (AKA day four of the hostage situation)

OK- Thursday's aren't that bad. Especially for me since I am in between being retired military and going back to school full time. My days right now are filled with cooking, running unnecessary errands, eating unnecessary snacks, blogging, and cleaning the house over and over to pass the time. It sounds boring and maybe even slightly pathetic but I am enjoying having down time for the first time in awhile! It's a very foreign feeling to me- sleeping in, wearing whatever I want, and not having a schedule- but I'm trying to embrace it. It's sort of lonely right now since I just moved to Utah, but I think the more I branch out and once I start going to school again, I'll be able to make friends and be more socially involved.

 Our new place in Utah, at least it's new to me, is small and cute. Way better than living in a dorm room with no kitchen for the past few years. We live in Provo, which is about an hour South of Salt Lake City, and it doesn't feel very different from Arizona. It's a small quiet town with perfect weather... at least until Winter. Connor's parents bought a small home here awhile ago which his older brother and sister-in-law lived in while going to school, since his parents live in Arizona. His older brother and sister-in-law live upstairs and we live in the basement in the "guest quarters". We have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, which is the perfect size for us. We are unsure how long we will be here, but it'll be fun to play house here for a bit! Plus it's nice having family just upstairs to us.

Here are some photos of "Bertoch Manor" we call it!

It's been awesome being able to decorate and make it feel like a little home. Right now I am really into mustard yellow, black, white, dark gray, and gold. In the fourth picture up from the bottom, you can see that we have storage shelves and I am planning on hanging curtains around them to hide them from our guests in the guest room. If you're a perfectionist like I am, I recommend trying to let it go when decorating and just try to stick to the same feel once you figure out what you want. It's too hard trying to make everything match perfectly and I think it looks a little better when things aren't so matchy! Not everything will look like what's on Pinterest ;)