Sunday, August 30, 2015

Plus One

Hi guys!

It's been a few days since I've written and I am so sorry about that! I know you live your days waiting for my posts haha ;) I wish I could say I've been busy, but we all know that's not true. Connor and I have been spending our days at home (when he's not working) and just enjoying Hulu Plus and HBO. You can probably guess I've been cleaning a ton, cooking a little, and trying to find little things that make me feel productive or creative. I am absolutely dying to go to school again, but the process through the Veterans Affairs is taking awhile. Until then, you can find me at home painting, reading, or at Target.

Connor has been trying to convince me to make a big commitment with him for a few months now. One besides our recent marriage. He wants a puppy! Okay, yes I know puppies are so cute and how could I even need convincing?! I just haven't been much of a "pet person" my whole life. I feel like recently there has been enough change and chaos and I don't need to add potty training, puppy breath, and hair shedding into the mix. With or without the chaos though, I am never really ready for any of those things.

Connor FINALLY broke me down. I guess I could use the company right now anyways. Potty training isn't that bad, right? Afternoon cuddles...walks to the park...OKAY! So I am excited for our baby girl, alright? Connor let me find a breed that we could agree on (one that doesn't shed a ton) and I have fallen in love with Germain Shorthaired Pointers. The blue eyes and that chocolate face kill me. We have done our research and found some for sale about 2 hours from us. Today Connor made sure we went to look at them. We immediately fell in love. After playing around with all of the girls, we finally decided one was our little babe. We decided on the name Guinevere. They are almost 6 weeks and we are able to pick her up on Thursday. We are so so excited to welcome her into our little family and fall even more in love with her. We'll keep you updated on our little adventures!

Check out these photos form today!

Any advice for new puppy parents?! Email or Comment below!