Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday Happenings

Hi there!

Hopefully you all have had a fun and restful weekend! Connor and I had a pretty exciting one! For us at least. Friday we went out to dinner with Connor's brother and sister and their spouses and then went and played at an awesome nickel arcade! It was a lot of fun getting to feel like a kid again. 

Saturday Connor and I woke up with "the itch". You know... the tattoo itch. We get it way too often! It's so hard not to when we have been wanting different pieces for so long. I will get into my different tattoos, what it's like having tattoos, how I feel about them, and how others view them in a later post. 

Connor and I grabbed some tea and coffee at the coolest little shop called The People's Coffee and headed over to the tattoo shop. We did some research and came across an amazing shop in Salt Lake City named Cathedral Tattoos. Not only was the shop incredibly decorated and played out well, but we felt completely comfortable and the tattoo artists were very welcoming. The gentleman who tattooed us was named Jake Miller and he has amazing work! Connor had been wanting to get a flintlock pistol and I have always wanted a rabbit. We both have different reasons behind why we wanted what we wanted. We both tend to lean towards the traditional style as well so what we got fit perfectly with our other pieces! We both are super pleased with the way they turned out. I now have 5 tattoos and Connor is on his second. 

Shortly after we got tattoos, we decided to keep the fun going and go to The Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City! It's always so delicious and cheesy :) If you ever go to Salt Lake, you definitely need to go! We finished our night with full tummies and a Lady Gaga marathon on the car ride home. It was perfect!

Today, Sunday, We are enjoying the "relaxing" part of the weekend and watching the show Community on Hulu. We managed to put some shoes on with our pajamas to run and grocery shop, but aside from that, you can find us here on the couch all day! How was your weekend? What did you  do? Any new tattoos recently?