Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So Much NEW!

It's about a month later from my previous post and SO much has happened!

First things first...I am now a Mrs! Nothing really feels different about being married (sort of like how you don't feel different on birthdays when people ask if you feel older) but there is so much that actually IS different. For starters, I am now living with my best friend. I have never technically lived alone outside of a dorm before. I was in a dorm when I was at college, then another dorm throughout my military service, so physically living in an actual home and especially with someone else is all so new to me. Many of you have lived with with men before, whether it was a friend, a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. I have a question for you. How do you make it easier on each other? I've been told and told again how it takes time to get used to living with another person, especially a guy, and I've always been a person who likes my own space. Although it hasn't been hard on me thus far (3 weeks in?) I'd like to know... what helps to make living together flow easier for one another?

Oops! I should tell you- I am now officially medically retired from the Air Force- which is why it is now possible for me to have moved from Arizona to Utah to be with my husband. This happened at the same time as we got married so everything is absolutely hectic right now between being married, moving, and becoming a civilian. I am adjusting pretty well I think and although I do miss the military quite a bit, I am so excited to be a full-time student again.

Wow. Let's go back to the part where I just got married. So weird! Our wedding was so beautiful and we were surrounded by only our immediate family and best friends (around 30 people) and it could not have been any more perfect. We got married at 6pm on July 11th at L'Auberge Resort & Spa in Sedona, Arizona. After the ceremony, we enjoyed an intimate four course meal with our guests, and then stayed overnight in one of beautiful cottages down by the creek. It was so beautiful (I can't say it enough!) Our wedding day seemed to go by so fast and I wish I could go back and slow it down. That day was absolute magic and it couldn't have gone any better. It was the best day of my life thus far, and I can't wait to see what our future holds for us.

That Sunday, right after our wedding day, we were off to Utah already. I packed my entire life in our car and a small U-Haul trailer and there we went. I spent the next couple of weeks getting settled in and nesting a bit until last Friday when we left for our honeymoon/family trip in the Dominican Republic. It was so much fun! Connor's family came and we all had a blast enjoying the beach, pool, all-inclusive food and drink, and each other's company. We saw fun shows, snorkeled, played sports, and ate way too much! I even got to hold a little monkey and saw some colorful parrots. Although the trip was incredible, we sure are glad to be back in America!

I really wanted to write about all of the changes going on right now in my life and I knew it would take forever, so I tried to give you the condensed version :) I have attached some photos taken by family members and friends at the wedding, and some photos from the trip. I will be able to share the actual wedding photos when I get them from the photographer soon!