Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Days


It's been awhile since I have posted and I figured it's about time. How have you been? I've been doing pretty well. These days I'm not doing too much aside from just waiting for school to start.

Unfortunately, my life was very chaotic and filled with change while registration for this semester was happening, so I have to wait for the next semester. It's been hard trying to figure out Connor and I's plan for school over the next couple of years since we both have different restrictions or desires and opportunities. I was accepted to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco (although I would be going online for now) but I am still a little torn. Luckily, I have the GI Bill from the military to use for school and I can almost go anywhere I could get into. I have so many credits for both Graphic Design and Political Science that I am still having a hard time just picking one and want to pursue both. Since I am home 98% of the time, I am wanting to physically attend a school here in Utah to get me out, and I could go for both Graphic Design and Political Science. The one thing that is keeping me from deciding to do so is that I have always wanted to attend the Academy of Art. I need to make up my mind soon!

WOW. That was such a rant, sorry. Anyways, Connor and I have been doing our normal thing recently. He goes to work and I try to keep busy. Recently the puppy has been helping to keep me occupied, although my patience runs very short very quickly. I have also gotten back into watercolor painting and it's been helping my stress a lot. It's so therapeutic to me. I've been into painting a lot of succulents and I think that is due to the fact that they remind me of Tucson and I have been missing it recently. Connor and I went with his brother and his wife the other day to Color Me Mine, which is an awesome pottery shop where you pick what you want and you can paint it. I loved it so much! I chose to do a big serving dish which is seen below.

Every now and then Connor and I go out to see shows which is also both really fun and therapeutic for us both. His older brother London is in a black thrash/speed band called Befouler and I finally was able to be here for one of their shows the other night in SLC! I don't normally gravitate towards this type of music, but Befouler has definitely made me interested and want to listen to more. I could not stop banging my head for about a day or so. It was rad! If you're looking for new music and you want to give a new genre a try, they are awesome. Being at an actual show of theirs was definitely a different experience than just listening to the music. Although I admit I was scared at first, I got into it and it sucked me right in.

Life isn't too eventful right now with us, but we are building up for our next big steps and are loving everyday of it! Below are some random pictures from the last few days. Thanks for reading my ramble!

Pizza Truck at the Farmer's Market

Aveda making me look like Miley Cyrus...