Sunday, November 8, 2015


Wow, can you believe you're seeing a post from me?! It's been so long! I completely have fallen off of the face of the planet. Since I last talked to you, I was about to start school, and now, I feel like I'm shoulders deep to school. Getting back to being a civilian and a student has been so weird and hard to get used to, but it's been fun feeling normal again! I'm taking "block" classes so I am completing them in half of the normal time a semester class would be. It's pretty brutal.

Besides school, Connor and I have been doing...well, to be honest, not a lot. He has his part-time job in Salt Lake City and then class in the evening and I have been trying new hobbies (stitching- picture below) and putting most of my attention into school. Guinevere is getting SO big! It really is crazy to watch how fast puppies grow. Connor and I are big babies and get so emotional over it all of the time when looking at her baby pictures. 

Life has been going pretty smoothly over the past few weeks. It gets to be a little boring sometimes, but I think that when life gives you a break you should take it. Although, every few weeks or so, when there is a small shop roundup or a craft event in town, I absolutely lose it. It's basically like going to Disneyland in my eyes. For about a month and a half I have been waiting ever-so patiently for the Pinners Conference & Expo to come to town and it was FINALLY time this weekend. I woke up early Friday and Saturday and spent all day long drooling over the 200+ shops and attending a few of the 100 classes that were offered. It was a blast! 

The conference had so many incredible small businesses, crafts, foods, and inspiration speakers. My favourite were the classes held about blogging and being able to network and get inspired. I made a few DIY (do it yourself) crafts and that made me just want to go crazy and try to makeover my entire house. I met a woman who was teaching a class about making an ADORABLE geometric wreath (seen below) and was introduced to her DIY blog called Vintage Revivals. Holy cow. Let me tell you...she must be a superhero because the things she does are seriously fantastic. Her workshop was so fun and it was so nice just to talk the whole time and pick her brain about her business. 

I really enjoyed the workshops I was able to get into and, even though I spent way too much money, the shops were to die for. Something about small, home, and local businesses really makes me feel good about supporting that community. I feel like it is more authentic and you really get what you pay for. Supporting small businesses helps out kids trying to play sports or maybe helps to get school supplies for the year, etc. Support your own community. 

Below I have posted some pictures of my favourite shops and crafts at Pinners this weekend. Take a look! The Pinners Conference is also in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX, so if you ever get the chance to go, do so! 

Making my geometric wreath! Check out Vintage Revivals blog for tutorial!

LOVE these diaper bags! I want one just as a purse or travel bag!

Awesome makeup line by Kara! I saw her speak, she was wonderful.

Checkout Snag's blankets and baby wraps!

Arco makes the coolest watches! Men and women.

Adorable paper crafts!

Loving Salty Bison's cute signs!

Made this cute sign in a class! Check out wood connection's site to buy materials to create yours!

Another DIY craft I made in a class by Find it, Make it, Love it!

Okay... I am seriously obsessed with these camera bags by Johansen (@jototes)! they are all so incredible, check them out!'s this.

*side note* I went to Anthropologie and got my most favorite scent ever. 

There ya have it. I'll talk to you guys again soon, I promise! I am going to make it a priority of mine to get on more often. I hope your weekend was great and that you're week is even greater ;)