Saturday, January 16, 2016

Go-Go Gadget!

Hello and happy weekend!

First of all, it's crazy that I am actually writing two posts within even a week of each other! I told you- posting more is one of my resolutions, now hopefully I can just stick with it. Life is busy, as we all know, and so it's important that we keep grounded and connected to what we enjoy to do. Something that makes it incredibly easy for us to do so is technology. Whether you are wrapped up into your music or you are sharing pictures with friends and family, whether you are plugged in or unplugged from the world, technology makes it all possible. I'm not saying that you should always be soaking up your time and attention through electronics, but when you do, you should use tools that you love!

Below, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite gadgets right now (although most of them are still on my wish list ;) Take a look and comment below if there is anything that you are absolutely loving right now that I should check out!

1) Lumee

Okay- I feel really silly admitting that I have this, but I think it's so cool! Lumee is a phone case that has LED lights lined up the sides of it, offering you the perfect lighting for a selfie. On the back of the case there is an on/off switch that also acts a dimming button so that you can control how much light you want in the picture. I love using mine- even if the lights totally give away that I'm having a "selfie" moment haha!

2) Muzik Headphones

Headphones are essential. I'm in the market for some right now and these headphones by Muzik seem really awesome. They are sleek, foldable, and wireless which are all a plus. I am looking for something light and wireless so that I can wear them while walking from class to class or while I'm in the gym.

3) Kreakfunk aHEAD Headphones

While looking for the perfect headphones, I came across the Kreafunk aHEAD headphones and fell in love just with the look. They are simple, stylish, and I love both the black and pink! Like I said before, wireless is a must and these look as if they would be light in weight. I'm not sure if the earpieces would be uncomfortable, but I will have to read the reviews! For now, I would say these are my number 2 on the list (after the Muzik headphones.) These headphones can be found at Urban Outfitters.

4) Ringly

Have you seen this?! I think it is such a cool idea! Wearable technology is really taking off right now. First the smart watches made a huge introduction and now there are RINGS! These semi-precious gemstone rings have the ability to link up to your phone through Bluetooth to let you know when you have an important notification. Through a downloadable app on your phone, you can set custom vibration patterns and colors that go along with different notifications. The ring box that comes with the ring also doubles as the rings charging station- so cool! The ring comes in many different colors and stones. Although Ringly is pretty pricey, I think that having one for nights out or during work could be really helpful so that you aren't attached to your phone. I want one of each please, but I do have to say that my favorite would be the "Dive Bar" color! 

5) MIXIT Lightning to USB Leather Tassel by Belkin

A couple months ago I cam across this Belkin Lightning to USB tassel at Target and I thought it was really neat. I feel like I am always looking for these chords to charge my phone or upload things to my computer, so I love that this chord is always just right on my bag when I need it!

6) Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch 

Smart watches are huge right now, and honestly, I have never been super attracted to them. Sure, having an Apple Watch would be awesome, but I don't think I would wear it all of the time. I would love to have it at the gym or when I am just running around maybe, but when I am trying to dress up somewhat I don't really like the idea of having a big hunk of a glass screen on my arm. With this watch that I found on Urban Outfitter's website, it completely solves that problem. This watch may not be as hi-tech as the rest of the smart watches out there right now, but I love how well it can go with a dressier look. 

Technology is moving fast and it's so crazy to see what is being created as the years go on. I am excited to see within the next year what surprises will come onto the scene!


*all pictures in this post were found on Pinterest.