Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hi guys!

     It has been a lot longer than I would've liked it to have been since I last posted- sorry! Life has been kind of crazy recently with all of the holidays and with Spring semester starting in school. Not to mention my binge watching of New Girl, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Desperate Housewives (I know...really?) I have been really slacking with taking photos, writing, painting, and crafting and it's really taking a toll on me. Though all of those activities bring me joy and relaxation through meditation, I haven't had much of any energy to even do the things I love.

     When I say I've been tired... I mean that I've been exhausted physically, as well as mentally. I've been going through a period recently of anxiety and a little bit of depression, but it has been nowhere near what it used to be thankfully. Being 22, married, and in school can be really stressful, especially in an area that you still aren't very settled into. Money get's rough, schedules are crazy, and my "to do" list never seems to end. I'm not meaning to complain, just vent mostly. Aside from the little bumps here and there, I have been doing really well and have had more "good" days than "bad". Connor and I are so blessed with everything that we have, including each other, and we try our best to stay focused on the positives and on what we can do for each other to make things easier when they get a little hectic. He is seriously a lifesaver- I don't know where I'd be without him. Living with your best friend and navigating through life's highs and lows is such a crazy, awesome adventure.

I've been reflecting recently on some goals that I have (resolutions if you will) that can help me out of this slump for the new year and I've already started on a few of them!

1) Lose weight, be more active, and eat healthier. Since Connor and I have been together and I've been out of the Air Force, we have both fallen quite a bit behind on our health and exercise... I guess the "Honeymoon and holidays"excuse can't last forever! We have both promised to each other to get back at it so that we can be healthy and feel better about ourselves.

2) No alcohol. Alcohol has been in and out of my life and I want it to stay out. It can be hard at social events and at family gatherings, but I just can't feel okay with myself when I drink. I don't like who I am and it's bad for my health. I'm not saying it's evil- I just don't think it's for me. At least for now.

3) Be more spiritual. I've been slacking on my meditation and prayer which is huge. Prayer and meditation have been one of the biggest lifesavers for me and it's something I need to stay with to feel spiritually healthy.

4) Take more pictures with my DSLR! I've been saying this for years now, and I NEED TO DO IT! My iPhone has been the source of all of my documenting lately and I want to get more practice behind my Canon Rebel SL1.

5) Become debt free. The wedding, as a lot of you know from experience, was a huge expense. I don't regret it at all, because it was so beautiful, but Connor and I have really got to get past this. We have been working on budgeting and planning so that we can move on :)

6) BLOG MORE! Need I say more?

    That's all I've got for now, which is plenty to work on! I think of new things all of the time to add to the list, and even though it isn't "New Year" anymore, there is always room for improvement in our lives.

What are some of your resolutions/goals?

I've added some pictures from over the holiday break below, enjoy!