Saturday, March 11, 2017

It Happened Again...

It's I fell off the face of the Earth. Remember last year when I wanted to start blogging again and more often? And when I said the same exact thing a year before that? Well, it's happening again.

You guys, I REALLY want to do this. Blog, I mean. And I'm not gonna say that I'm doing it for you or that I am doing it because I want to be "Insta-famous" or "blog famous", but I am doing it for me. I am sick and tired of putting things off that I really enjoy doing. Painting, blogging, taking photos, sewing... that has all slowly disappeared out of my life over the last couple of years (especially 2016) and I NEED to start doing these things again. So here I am. Writing on Desert Dame. The beginning of my plan to have more of a creative outlet. I am going to be really hard on myself and make sure to write here weekly, if not multiple times a week. I've got this.

Last time I posted was in January of last year. I know...a lifetime ago! So I wanted to take this opportunity to update you (whoever you are) on my life. A year ago I was going to UVU for Graphic Design, still pretty fresh out of the military, and was about only 5 months into being married. That sounds so crazy to me while writing this because it will be our 2 year anniversary this Summer. Time flies! While I am still married, school has been all over the place over the last year. From UVU I went to the Academy of Art University based out of San Francisco (online) for Interior Architecture and Design. After a couple of pretty rough semesters of that, I decided to go back to what I did and studied while in the military. I am now at UVU again and studying Computer Forensics and Security, and actually am really liking it! It is really different in the civilian sector so I feel really out of the loop on some things, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I am taking some required Criminal Justice classes which have recently inspired me to *MAYBE* become a police officer. I am loving the classes and my teacher (a woman who is ex-military and an ex cop) is so amazing. I would love to eventually work with a police department doing cyber crime and forensics, but it's been on my mind to maybe be a police officer for a few years. I'm not really sure if I'd really want to be back in a uniform or not and Connor doesn't especially love the idea...but it's just a thought.

What else, what else... oh! I am a brunette now, and to be completely honest, it probably won't last more than a couple of months...but we'll see! Connor switched his major from Marketing to English Education. He is really excited and I have never seen him so motivated and ready for something. I think he's nuts for wanting to be a high school English teacher, but I think he will be great. Since this January, Connor has joined a boxing gym and is totally loving it. I have been doing the Kayla BBG program, along with both of us eating healthy, and it feels so good to be getting back in shape again. So far I have lost 10lbs, but I have quite a way to go still. I am really over Utah, guys. It's pretty and everything, but wow. The Winters here absolutely kill me. I am a desert dame after all ;) lame joke. This Summer we are planning on going to Hawaii for a week and working/going to school for the rest of the time. Other than that, we really don't have a whole lot of "new" going on.

I have a lot of really fun ideas for some upcoming posts, so stick around!

Here are a few recent pictures of the gang (and some art that I did recently) >>>>>